The Anti-Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is an initiative that focuses on specific drug infested communities, and the affected young people within them. In every 12 month cycle we place emphasis on a chosen group of youths, either directly or indirectly affected by drugs, and offer them programs and experiences that give a fresh perspective on the dangers of drugs. What ASAP seeks to do is to create initiatives that focus on both the prevention of young people falling prey to the evil of substance abuse, as well as intervention measures for those who have unfortunately found themselves involved in the abuse of such constituents. These programs are designed to create an alternative path for young people through self-introspection and goal visualisation. Some of our key segments include:

  • Celebrity visits that motivate young people
  • Educational Adventure Therapy Weekend Aways
  • Drug Awareness campaigns
  • Self Development sessions
  • Community Dialogues
  • Motivational Speakers and former drug users who share real stories of their personal struggles