Youth Leadership & Development Camp

The Youth Leadership and Development Camp a three day event aimed at identifying the critical qualities that make one a leader of substance. The idea is to instil, at a young age, to scholars the value of understanding one’s self and being a strong and independent individual. This becomes vital in building a self-esteem that is worthy of leadership.

We also aim to showcase that leadership comes in various forms and from various landscapes. It can be from an employer or employee, a captain of a team or the guy on the bench. It is not restricted to financial capacity or lack of immediate resources, or for that matter your current location. It can be your next door neighbour or the Patrice Motsepe’s of this world. Either way, leadership is a quality that can mean the difference between achieving a goal and giving up on one.

We bring together successful leaders, institutions, municipalities and government department personalities to one venue in which they give an insight into how it is that they became the success stories they are today. The breakaway debate groups provide an opportunity to communicate up close with a youth that is hungry to learn. It also gives young people a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with someone that knows what it takes to achieve a goal. And with the recent passing on of the great man himself, Nelson Mandela, it becomes critical for the province that once brought us great leaders of yesteryear, to once again dig deep in our aim of producing more quality leaders for our journey forward.

The leadership Camp is one such way in which we hope to inspire young people into taking up the mantle vacated by our previous generation leaders, and owning it as their own moving onward.