Bathandwa Ndondo Legacy Project

The Batandwa Ndondo Legacy Project is an initiative that introduces, develops and sustains extra mural curriculums within the informal settlements, as well as rural homelands, of the Eastern Cape. These are typically schools and communities with limited, and in some case, no, extra mural activities of any kind. Big brother works by linking underprivileged schools that do not provide extra mural activities with the more financially capable suburban schools that have the necessary history, infrastructure and expertise for the required activity.

In many cases, not only do underprivileged and/or rural schools not have extra mural activities such as sport at their schools, they also do not have any infrastructure (fields, halls, courts etc) to be able to introduce and sustain such activities. Therefore, by linking them to nearby schools that have such infrastructure, you are kicking off the process of introducing whatever sport you wish to introduce to the scholars of the school. This linkage is based on the more capable school availing such infrastructure to the needing school on a sharing basis.

Furthermore, in some cases, some schools have decent infrastructure, or at the very least space, to introduce extra mural activities. However, they lack the expertise to successfully run such activities. In such cases, we lobby for the school to receive adequate coaching skills, either by getting help from the more capable schools, or by acquiring an outside expert who can assist the needing school in developing skills from within the teaching staff. This assists us in the sustaining of such extra mural activities.

Main Objectives Of The Program

  • Introduce young people to extra mural activities whilst at school. This assists in giving young people a more well-rounded development base as there are lessons learnt within extra mural activities that cannot be taught in class
  • Encourage young people to stay at school by providing them with as much motivation to stay at school as possible. Extra mural activities are one such way. This would, therefore, decrease school dropouts
  • Decrease the amount of young scholars becoming intertwined with drugs and alcohol
  • Create a platform for racial integration and social cohesion by taking scholars from disadvantaged and/or rural communities to suburban schools where they get to interact with a wide range of races and cultures
  • Offer underprivileged schools the ability to have access to extra mural activity platforms, as well as academic infrastructure such as science labs and libraries, through linking disadvantaged schools with the more financially capable learning institutions.