The Students Rule Movement is a drive that looks at the holistic way of life within the Eastern Cape academic world. Our aim is, and has been, to create a culture amongst the academic youth that is aimed at unifying all types of schools, and the scholars within them, no matter their financial, cultural or environmental backgrounds. Our main objectives include creating a space for a form of racial integration through some of the out the box ingenuities that we are responsible for. These initiatives encourage the interaction of a wide range of learners, and thus help in introducing a whole group of academics to worlds that they would ordinarily not be exposed to. Our offerings are:


  • The Big Brother Project
  • Anti-Substance Abuse┬áProgram
  • Leadership Through Sport
  • Youth Leadership and Development Camp


Although we cater for all types of learners, our bias lies in working within areas that are highly under privileged. We do so because we believe that these are communities with far less access to information and opportunity when compared to those of academics from the more capable cities. We also believe that a place of residence should not predetermine your ability to receive valuable extra mural events that branch outside the classrooms. The above mentioned programs are just our way of playing a role in the further development of our academic youth. As a structure we have 5 Core aims:


  • To Encourage interaction between schools, as well as universities, and the academics within them
  • Create a flow of informative and educational information
  • Create positive exposure of underprivileged schools
  • Introduce branding initiatives that bring communities closer together whilst at the same time branding and marketing the Eastern Cape
  • Become an all-round culture with a set philosophy and ethos. One that enhances the overall academic experience of all intellectuals, no matter their societal backgrounds